13 Apr 2012

TWO is better than ONE

I am sure this month is 'International Playboy Month', as I cant explain why I keep making Playboy/Playmate themed art project. 

Mr.Hefner, are you listening??? ;-)

Here is my latest one: TWO is better than ONE
My inspiration to make this, came from the model herself. I dont know who she is, but I loved her photo and decided to make something with it and thus was born this project (which I intend to frame soon) 
I used coloring tools to give the original picture a 'negative of a photograph' look.
I colour printed the edited photo and stated to work on it.

The 1st one is made with IRIS folding technique, for which I have hand cut the parts out (used my craft knife for the 1st time)
I used 3 fluorescent colours - Pink for the lingerie, Green for the bunny ears and Yellow for the playboy bunny in the basket.
I experimented with IRIS folding this time, instead of using paper strips, I folded a single piece of paper and pasted it. It worked great, looks just like the actual IRIS folding.

The 2nd one is 3D decoupage, this is my 1st decoupage project. 
I used all the hand cut parts from the previous picture to make this one.
To give it the 3D effect, I pasted small pieces of cardboard on backside of each hand cut part and pasted it on the original picture. 
Finally, I pasted both the finished pictures on Indigo Blue paper and added the golden and turquoise hand made paper border to give it a complete look.


Self Rating - 8/10
Status - Happy with the outcome
Tips - you could use double sided tape instead of cardboard for 3D decoupage
Suggestions - Try the new IRIS folding method and let me know how it worked for you.
Changes I could make - would definitely get it framed

Let me know what you think? Do i deserve a 8/10???

      -May ART be with you©

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