17 Jun 2012


I am almost in time to share my Father's day craft with you. 
I have been crazy busy, making gifts for my dad, my dad-in-law(DIL), and couple of my friend's dads.

So, here is the 1st one, its for my DIL, its a 3D decoupage picture that I created, it captures various moments that dad's and son's share, like shaving, fishing, playing guitar, cycling, sports, graduation and the largest black and white picture is of a baby holding his dad's finger and it says "everything I owe, is to you dad..."; my husband will be giving this, I hope my DIL likes it.
Its not framed yet, as my DIL isn't in town and I have time to get it framed (thanks GOD for that!!)

The next two are for my friends's dad's, the 1st one is a folding desktop card.
It carries the a large polaroid photo, which in turn has 4 different polaroid photos, which shows a boy holding his dad's hand and over looking the horizon. The card says "In all life's shades, you are still with me...HAPPY FATHER's DAY". The same picture is on the backside as well. 
The idea to create this photo came from the word "POP" and I decided to do a POP art card with Polaroid effect.

The next is a pin up card, which is made as a fusion between a comic photo and film strip and shows superman, batman and spider-man on one side of the balance scale and DAD on the other side, over weighing all of them. Its says "YOU ARE MY SUPERHERO...HAPPY FATHER'S DAY"

And the last one is for my dad. Its a 5x7" card, that shows dad clown fish looking out for daughter clown fish. It says "thanks for looking out for me..happy dad's day!!!"
My dad of course loved his card, I am awaiting the reactions of others.


Self Rating - 9.5/10
Status - I have never made so many projects in such limited time, and I made each of them from scratch, including creating the images for the projects, hence I am very happy with the outcome.

                                                                                                 -May ART be with you©


  1. love your dad collage! What a great gift this is! :-)

    1. hey,

      thanks so much...i really appreciate your support...

  2. So many Dad's idea!! The collage card is brilliant!