27 Mar 2012

Its all about being safe ;-)

As I have learnt IRIS and quilling, I wanted to combine the two and make a card (I am so inspired by beautiful cards made my fellow crafters). I love funny and quirky cards and that's what I wanted to make.

In an endeavor do to so, I came up with this card idea. 

Its made of quilled sperms yelling 'ATTACK!" and raging towards IRIS condom who is protecting against 'INTRUDERS!' (I'll tell you, what occasion is the card for, later)

The sperms are made of 3mm white and grey quilling strips. I glued them together and then quilled half of the strips and curled the remaining half.

The IRIS condom is made of dark and light pink metallic paper to give it realistic look. {striped condom ;-) }

The card opens and reads: Dear Andy, In life you'll be faced with many outside intruders, I wish you protection from internal ones (at least).. Wish you and Cindy, a very happy and stress free married life..Lots of Love, Dan.

YES, its a card wishing well for married life. 

-May ART be with you©

25 Mar 2012

Newspaper – More than just NEWS!

I love working with newspaper as a material to use for craft, hence I made these roses using glossy newspaper. 

I made 2 types of roses - tight and loose. 

Tight Roses are made in 3 sizes - Small, Smaller and Smallest. I pasted them together to make a pyramid. 

The loose roses were stuck together with a small bud of rose in the center. 

I cut my newspaper strips for the roses in a circular way (like a mosquito coil), instead of using straight strips. To cut these, I used textured craft scissors, this gave the roses a natural and soft look.

Each rose is made in one piece with the circular strip, there are no petals.

                                                                                              -May ART be with you©

20 Mar 2012


I enjoy wrapping my gifts more than buying them.. {wrapping isn't as expensive as gifting  ;-) }

Hence, for my best friend's b'day, I made this personalised paper design with his name and his age..

I colour printed the design on a glossy paper and wrapped his gift in it...

But I wasn't done yet, I was craving to do more, so I made this paper design (without personalisation)

And made a bag of it to give his gift in...

But I still wasn't done...(I am forever greedy to make more) so I designed these personalised papers..

But as I only had 1 gift for him, I didn't use these...

This designing process triggered an avalanche of paper designs in my mind, which I will share with you in my future post..

Till then Happy Gifting (and Wrapping)

-May ART be with you©

13 Mar 2012


you are the dream which will end the minute I open my eyes…

the handsome prince I desire, but can’t have…

the wish that I know won’t be granted to me..

the prayer that I whisper every night, but will be unanswered…

the destination whose map I don’t have…

 the treasure I found but is not mine…

 the star in the sky that I hope to reach, but cant…

the sand castle which is meant to be taken away by the waves…

the horizon which I see, but can’t reach…

the strong feeling that I should have never felt…

the love story which never existed….

you are the stranger who I love…
-written in 2008

-May ARTbe with you ©

10 Mar 2012

'Oh so tiny' got a LEG!

I made this stand after I had made the flower pot(shown in my post dated 9th March 2012), hence the delayed post about it..

Its around 1.5 inches in height made in  3 shades of yellow - light, lemon and mustard. 
3 sizes of tight coil (small,smaller and smallest) and a tube.

The base is a tight coil in lemon yellow in small size, followed by light yellow smallest tight coil and then light yellow tight coil in smaller size. In the centre is the mustard yellow tube.

Once all the pieces of the stand were assembled and dried, I pasted the flower pot on it.

-May ART be with you©

9 Mar 2012

Oh so tiny...

This is my first 3D quilling project..

Its less than an inch in height and diameter.

It has 7 flowers & 6 leaves of varied type:
-2 pink carnations
-1 pink rose
-2 yellow bell flowers
-1 yellow big flower(its my imagination, not a real flower)
-6 green leaves with different swirls

The flowers are mounted on brown rubber coated copper wire(available in hardware stores).
I first stuck the leaves on the inner wall of the pot and then I placed the flowers between the leaves. Finally the finished pot with flowers and leaves was stuck on the base.

 I thoroughly enjoyed making this, my love affair with Quilling has begun!!!

                                                                 -May ART be with you©

8 Mar 2012

Wonderful Women...

Its our special day…
Wake up & absorb the bright ray…

Embrace your beauty…
We owe it to ourselves, it’s our duty…

Walk with your head high…
Life’s eagerly waiting, love it, live it, don’t deny…

Who gives a shit about men…
We rule, its our den…

SMILE is always the way…
Happy Women’s Day…

-Written in March 2009
-May ART be with you ©

4 Mar 2012

Is honesty REALLY the best policy?

Me: "Mam, I have 5 days of Sick Leave pending, I hope it’s alright with you, if I utilise them for my cousins wedding in the coming month?"
Boss: "No! How can you make such a request? It’s completely unethical and Mr.Zender doesn't appreciate it."
Me: "But Mam, I know of employees who have done this in the past, otherwise Sick Leaves get lapsed."
Boss: "I can't talk for others, but I and my team will not do this."
Me: "OK Mam, I will take Privilege Leave.
Boss: “Good”
Me: “Oh it almost slipped my mind, Dr.Relin’s assistant Suzie who assisted you with your medical certificate last month BTW is my niece.”
-dedicated to All Supervisors


Assistant: "Sir,what do you think?"
CEO: "He is good and very well versed with his subject."
Assistant: "Yet you don't seem satisfied!"
CEO:  "He doesn't fit in the company's culture."
Assistant: "What makes you say that Sir?"
CEO:"He is too aggressive and sounded desperate. Also jumped to discussing compensation at the first opportunity he got.”
Assistant: "He is very keen on moving and taking on additional responsibilities. As far as compensation is concerned, it has to come up in discussion today or tomorrow."
CEO: "Yes, but we are looking for more diplomatic people, this attitude won’t fly"
Assistant: "Alright sir! I will convey the same to my husband and thanks so much for your time."
CEO: "Don't take it the wrong way Nicole"
Assistant: "Not at all Sir. It was me who asked him to be 100% upfront and honest with you, as you keep repeating 'honesty is the best policy' ."
CEO: "Yes Nicole, it still is. But with little bit of common sense."
-dedicate to an Ex-Colleague.

-May ART be with you©

1 Mar 2012

My 1st Jimmy Choo

This is my 1st attempt at IRIS paper-folding.

I loved the process of delicately pasting each piece and finally unveiling its beauty(even though it needs improvement).

I dedicate this piece to my large collection of SHOES..

                                                                         -May ART be with you©