4 Apr 2012

Happy (Naughty) Easter...

I have been so bombarded (inspired) with Easter craft and projects made by my fellow crafters, that I couldn't help but make something based on Easter, but I didn't want to stick to the stereotypical cards/eggs(nothing wrong with them, each one is gorgeous in its own self, but I wanted to do something different), so I made this gift wrapping paper.

It is a Playboy bunny and Playmate themed vintage paper with 'Happy Easter' written on it. 
I used Playboy bunny instead of the Easter bunny and the Playmate is wearing bunny ears (which is my way of capturing Easter).

Closer look at the picture

I used this to paper to wrap my friend Chrissa's gift

I made a paper bag with a satin tie (I love using tie on a gift wrap)

I colour printed the design and pasted the ends horizontally. 

I then pasted the bottom, inserted the gift and folded the top and finally added the satin tie.

A closer look at the design

I hope my friend likes her wrapping as much as her gift..

-May ART be with you©

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