30 Jun 2012


Started on 1st January 2012, my blog ARTiMAGINE is 6 months old today and I couldn't be happier with the progress I have made.

What started, as just an expression of my creativity, a place where I could store my art photos and seldom scribble, is today become an integral part of my life.
Through this blog, I have experienced some brilliant art and creativity. I have been inspired by most artist and encouraged by some.

Today's post is a dedication to some very inspiring artist and bloggers who have made a difference in my life.
In 6 months, I have received love for 33 posts through comments, page views and most importantly my followers.

My 1st comment was from Cliona Larkin from Ireland, for my post Oh so tiny (3D quilled flower pot).
Not only, is she the 1st one to comment, but also the 1st one to follow my blog.

Her blog Night Owl Designs has 99 amazing and unique projects with 22 elaborate tutorials. She has 143 crafters following her. 
Darling Ms.Cliona, thank you very much for your support and encouragement, your tutorials are easy to follow and, make craft with.

The next encouragement came from Helen, her blog Let's create has 525 posts(OMG!!!) with 593 followes and she has been going strong since 2009.
Ms.Helen, thank you for your comment on 'Oh so tiny' got a LEG (3D quilled flower pot stand), it was extremely encouraging for me, you are an inspiration to me and I look forward to your learning from your projects.

My 2nd follower is Sudha Karla from Delhi, India. Her blog Crazy Crafter has some very interesting card ideas, you can buy her cards from the blog itself. She also offers craft supplies through her blog Crazy Crafter-Craft Supplies Shop. She has been blogging since 2009 and has 150 followers with over 33000 page views.
Sudha commented on my mother's day card MY DOC-MOM and Throw your HATs (graduation day gift wrap). 
Sweetest Ms.Sudha, thank you so much for your encouragement. I too wish to set my own craft supplies store one day just like you.

I was the happiest when I received comments from Philippa and Crystal for my post Flying Fish (quilled mobile).
Philippa is clearly one of the most talented crafter's out there, her imagination and desire to create something unique, sets her apart from the rest. Her blog Quillance carries more than 300 of her unique posts and she has 215 followers. 

Crystal's blog Make it easy crafts is a 100% dedicated blog for her tutorials started just 6 months back and she already has 100+ followers learning from her 50+ tutorials that she has shared on her blog. Crystal also commented on my father's day post DADDY COOL!!
Ms.Philippa and Ms.Crystal, thank you both for your generousness, I have learned a great deal from you'll.

My 3rd follower is a group of 3 very interesting people- Ojan, Putri, and Aris  who are
from Indonesia. Their blog OJANTO is a dedicated DIY project blog with more than 70+ 
post and 427 followers. They have been sharing their art since 2010.
Ojan, Putri and Aris, I thank you for inspiring me.

My post P.E.E. (Easter Egg) was liked by none other than Susanne. More than 100 crafters follow her blog AV Susanne, where she shares cool ideas and tutorials. You can buy her work from her shop on the blog. Started in 2010, she has over 130 posts to share.
She also commented on So Cracking(eggshell pendant).
Ms.Susanne, I truly enjoy your work and am thankful for your encouragement.

My most popular post is Paper GEMS (water colour paper pendants) and was appreciated by the most popular Doctor cum Crafter - Dr. Sonia S V from Banglore, India, who also is a follower of my blog.
Her DIY projects, tutorial and recycling projects are unique, easy to make and beautiful.
She has more than 800 followers, who are inspired by more 250 projects shared her blog Cards, Crafts and Kids Projects.
She is a ball of energy with juggling work, kids, home and craft!!!
Dr. Sonia, I wish I could be half as multi taskers as you are. Thank you for following my blog and inspiring me with your craft.
She also liked my posts - My DOC-MOM & Throw your HATs.

Paper GEMs was also enjoyed by Khadija, her blog Creative Mind is a treasure of recycled projects and tutorials. I call her the Queen of Recycling! She started in 2010 and has over 1000 followers(Phew!) with over 250 projects shared.
Ms.Khadija, I always turn to your blog for "easy to make at home" projects.

I believe the biggest compliment I received as a crafter is when Neli started following my blog. Her blog Neli qulling is filled with innovative quilling technique and most gorgeous quilled flower card I have ever seen. I call her the official Queen of Quilling!
She has more than 300 projects on her blog and over 260 followers.
Ms. Neli, its an honor to have you as a follower.

My 1st mother's day card - ||| MOMMY RETURNS ||| was liked by Jessica Okui from California and Suganthi from Chennai, India.

Jessica's blog Zakka Life is an extraordinary place to learn and find ideas for your projects. Started in 2007, she has more than 760 unique posts to share with her 6846 readers.
Her two boys are the cutest EVER!!!!
Suganthi's blog DAYDREAMS carries some of the most intricate quilling projects I have seen so far. She started in 2009 and has over 450 followers drooling over her 160+ quilling projects which also include step by step tutorials.
Jessica and Suganthi, I have lots to learn from you'll. Both mothers of 2 boys and exceptionally talented ladies. I, thank you for encouraging me.

Another one of my follower's Aureliaeugenia liked my JIG-SAW pendant. She has been bloging since 2011 on her blog Idei si Creatii Quilling and brings a very interesting angle to quilling. She has more than 600 post and has 77 followers enjoying her craft.

Ms. Aurelia, thank you for encouraging me, I enjoy your taste in craft.

Iza, from Ireland gave me love on my father's day project - DADDY COOL and mother's day card MY DOC-MOM, she is also my 7th follower.

Her blog Szalonaisa's Wonderland is a treasure of quilled cards. She has 140 followers, loving every bit of the 125 cards she has shared. She also enjoys photography and her cards and photographs are on sale on her blog.
Ms.Iza, its a pleasure knowing you and enjoying your very creative art. Thank You for encouraging me.

My latest follower is Cristina from Romania, her blog Fun Quilling by Cristina is a power house of enticing quilled projects. She started in 2010 and has 161 followers following her 120+ projects. 
Ms.Cristina, I enjoy your witty sense of craft. Thank You for encouraging me.

One of my favorite post - Playmate is back!!! didn't find many admirers(may be due to its X rated nature), but very talented  Yvonne from Singapore showered me with love by commenting on post and leaving me a little tip too.
Her blog Do more with less, shares more than 900 posts and she has been blogging since 2009. Her tutorials and tips are very helpful, and that's what attracts more than 450 followers to her blog.
Ms.Yvonne, thank you for inspiring me.

Some of my craft that didn't receive comments, but crafters viewed them are:
-My 1st post BAGoHOLIC (brocket cloth bags) 

-Love Love Jr.B (Valentine's Day card)

-Origami Shirt Gift Warpping

-Personalized ( personalized gift wrapping paper)

-Its all about being safe (IRIS and quilling card)

-Happy (Naughty) Easter

-TWO is better than ONE (3d decoupage and IRIS)

-Under the Cowl (batman themed gift wrap)

-Paper Whiskey Crowns

Apart from my this blog, I also blog on wordpress under the same name ARTiMAGINE, its a replica of this blog and has 19 wonderful followers.
I can also be found on Twitter, (currently I  have 16 followers) and Facebook, which was created 15 days back.

So, in all 6 months, 33 posts, 43 followers, 4 platforms to share my art on. 

I'm happy with my progress, but I have a long longggggggg way to go!!!!

Till we meet again, May ART be with you.


  1. It was pleasure to meet you too :D thank you!!!

  2. Thank you Nishtha ! I hope my blog inspires you in the future too. Happy quilling! Hugs

  3. Wow what a unique way to thank your followers...I am flattered!!! And I thought I did leave a comment on your whisky bottle crown I loved that project for its unique ness!!

  4. How sweet you are! So nice to have met you! :-}

  5. Congrats on your 6 month-long blogging journey! Playing along with online challenges is a great way to get your name out there and have visitors to your blog.

    P/s: Would you consider turning off word verification? Mine is turned off and I don't have a problem with spam. It might help you get more comments too.

  6. Ladies, Thanks so much for your comments...

    My day is made!!!!!

  7. Hello Dear friend..sorry for coming a bit late..but its so nice to read your post..very well..
    Congratulations & I wish you may have tons of success..!
    Happy blogging ~