7 Apr 2012


After creating the Playboy bunny and, playmate themed gift wrapping paper for Easter (posted on 4th April 12), I wanted to make more, but with the same Playboy theme {cant get Playboy bunny out of my head, I'm sure Mr.Hefner will be delighted ;-) } 

So I created P.E.E. -- Playboy Easter Egg:

It has a vintage worn out feel to it, I didnt intend that to happen, but in the process of making, it did (works out even better for me)

I used a real boiled egg (as I couldn't find a craft egg), covered it with hand torn white paper to give it a base.

I applied 2 cotes of glue and water mixture (70% glue & 30% water) to strengthen the paper base.
For the bunnies, I colored printed the below image, and tore the bunnies out by hand and pasted them all over the egg.

To further strengthen the egg after pasting the bunnies, I coated it with glue and water mixture and left it to dry over night.

Once completely dried, I sprayed it with varnish to give it a sheen.

Finally , I mounted the finished egg on a black quilled stand.


I give myself 6/10 for this project. I'm satisfied with it, but not delighted.

What do you think? How much would you rate it???

                                                                                                -May ART be with you©


  1. What a fun and different easter egg. I really like it :)

  2. Hey Susan,

    Thanks so much, I really appreciate you stopping by and taking the time out to comment...

    Im a huge fan of your art, I always enjoy and wait for your post...

    Thanks again...

  3. Thanks so much Cliona...appreciate you stopping by...

    BTW loved the Oriental cards... :-)