15 Apr 2012

So cracking!!!

 have been so inspired by handmade jewelry, that I couldn't help but try one myself.
This is my 1st handmade piece which I learned from BeyondBracelets on youtube, but made alterations according to the craft supplies available to me.

I started by cutting the cardboard in the shape that I desired to make the pendant in, then cracked and pasted pieces of boiled egg-shell on the base.
Once all the pieces were pasted, I filed the edges of the pendant to smoothen them and remove any excess egg-shell.
To make it durable, I coated the pasted egg-shell pieces with glue and water mixture(70% glue & 30% water) and left it to dry overnight.
Once it was completely dried, I painted the egg-shell side with transparent colors and the back side with acrylic color. 
Finally sprayed the completed pendant with craft varnish, punched a hole in it and added the silver chain.


Self Rating - 9/10
Status - Very happy with the outcome
Tip - punch the hole before coloring the piece

Try it yourself, its easy, fun to make, and super cool to wear.

Let me know how it goes.

                                                                                                -May ART be with you©


  1. How cute :) full of spring colors..hmm

    1. Hey Khadija,

      Thank u so much...Im very happy to c ur comment, as im a fan of ur ideas...

  2. What a stunning colorful pendant. I would never have tought about using egg-shell, very creative!
    Wish you a nice week :)

  3. Hey Susan,

    Thanks so much...Im glad you liked was super fun to make....

    Wish you a great weekend....

  4. very interesting..must give this a shot.
    nice meeting you on the web.

  5. Hey Natasha,

    Very nice to meet you too...

    Im glad you liked it...try it, its fun and easy to make....