27 Apr 2012

JIG -- SAW!!!!

I'm flooded with paper jewelry ideas, so here is another one...

I made these cardboard jigsaw pendants

I started by cutting out the jigsaw shape I desired on a card board and filed the edges to make them smooth.

I then color printed random images and cut them out in shape of the card board and pasted them on the base pendant(card board cutout).

Once the image was dried, I painted the back side of the card board with acrylic colors.

To make them sturdy and add sheen, I coated them with varnish and left them to dry overnight.

Finally I punched a hole in the finished pieces (not very neatly though) and added a woolen black string to them.

Waiting to flaunt them!!!


Self Rating - 7/10
Status - Happy, but could be neater
Tip - You could use old jigsaw puzzle pieces to make this

So, go ahead and make it and let me know how it goes.

                                                                                                -May ART be with you©

22 Apr 2012

Paper GEMS!!!!

My latest addiction is paper jewelry, cant stop thinking about it, nor can stop making it

I learnt watercoloured paper jewelry makng from Ross Barbera's blog. I loved the idea so much that I had to try it. 

So here is my take on her art. I made these four pendants.
I used drawing paper and three water colours - blue, green and yellow to make these.

I randomly dabbed colours(mixed with water) on the paper till the entire sheet was covered. Once done, I sprinkled cooking salt on the colours (this gives the textured look) and left it to dry over night.
Once the sheet was completely dried, I scrubbed off the excess salt and cut out two pieces of each shape desired (for front and back)
I also cut out the two exact same shape of each piece in plain paper.  So I had four pieces of each shape.

I pasted the black string in between the two plain paper pieces and stuck them together with glue.
Once the string was firmly attached, I pasted the coloured paper pieces on front and back of the base pendant (made of plain paper with sting in between) and left them to dry overnight.
Finally I coated them with varnish. 
And they were ready to be flaunted!!! 


Self Rating - 7.75/10
Status - Happy, but need to so better
Tip - sprinkle the salt when the colours are wet, or the textured effect wont come

So try it and let me know how it goes.

                                                                                                -May ART be with you©

15 Apr 2012

So cracking!!!

 have been so inspired by handmade jewelry, that I couldn't help but try one myself.
This is my 1st handmade piece which I learned from BeyondBracelets on youtube, but made alterations according to the craft supplies available to me.

I started by cutting the cardboard in the shape that I desired to make the pendant in, then cracked and pasted pieces of boiled egg-shell on the base.
Once all the pieces were pasted, I filed the edges of the pendant to smoothen them and remove any excess egg-shell.
To make it durable, I coated the pasted egg-shell pieces with glue and water mixture(70% glue & 30% water) and left it to dry overnight.
Once it was completely dried, I painted the egg-shell side with transparent colors and the back side with acrylic color. 
Finally sprayed the completed pendant with craft varnish, punched a hole in it and added the silver chain.


Self Rating - 9/10
Status - Very happy with the outcome
Tip - punch the hole before coloring the piece

Try it yourself, its easy, fun to make, and super cool to wear.

Let me know how it goes.

                                                                                                -May ART be with you©

13 Apr 2012

TWO is better than ONE

I am sure this month is 'International Playboy Month', as I cant explain why I keep making Playboy/Playmate themed art project. 

Mr.Hefner, are you listening??? ;-)

Here is my latest one: TWO is better than ONE
My inspiration to make this, came from the model herself. I dont know who she is, but I loved her photo and decided to make something with it and thus was born this project (which I intend to frame soon) 
I used coloring tools to give the original picture a 'negative of a photograph' look.
I colour printed the edited photo and stated to work on it.

The 1st one is made with IRIS folding technique, for which I have hand cut the parts out (used my craft knife for the 1st time)
I used 3 fluorescent colours - Pink for the lingerie, Green for the bunny ears and Yellow for the playboy bunny in the basket.
I experimented with IRIS folding this time, instead of using paper strips, I folded a single piece of paper and pasted it. It worked great, looks just like the actual IRIS folding.

The 2nd one is 3D decoupage, this is my 1st decoupage project. 
I used all the hand cut parts from the previous picture to make this one.
To give it the 3D effect, I pasted small pieces of cardboard on backside of each hand cut part and pasted it on the original picture. 
Finally, I pasted both the finished pictures on Indigo Blue paper and added the golden and turquoise hand made paper border to give it a complete look.


Self Rating - 8/10
Status - Happy with the outcome
Tips - you could use double sided tape instead of cardboard for 3D decoupage
Suggestions - Try the new IRIS folding method and let me know how it worked for you.
Changes I could make - would definitely get it framed

Let me know what you think? Do i deserve a 8/10???

      -May ART be with you©

7 Apr 2012


After creating the Playboy bunny and, playmate themed gift wrapping paper for Easter (posted on 4th April 12), I wanted to make more, but with the same Playboy theme {cant get Playboy bunny out of my head, I'm sure Mr.Hefner will be delighted ;-) } 

So I created P.E.E. -- Playboy Easter Egg:

It has a vintage worn out feel to it, I didnt intend that to happen, but in the process of making, it did (works out even better for me)

I used a real boiled egg (as I couldn't find a craft egg), covered it with hand torn white paper to give it a base.

I applied 2 cotes of glue and water mixture (70% glue & 30% water) to strengthen the paper base.
For the bunnies, I colored printed the below image, and tore the bunnies out by hand and pasted them all over the egg.

To further strengthen the egg after pasting the bunnies, I coated it with glue and water mixture and left it to dry over night.

Once completely dried, I sprayed it with varnish to give it a sheen.

Finally , I mounted the finished egg on a black quilled stand.


I give myself 6/10 for this project. I'm satisfied with it, but not delighted.

What do you think? How much would you rate it???

                                                                                                -May ART be with you©

5 Apr 2012

forever in love...

My best friend Chaitanya wanted to gift his fiance something special on their 6 months anniversary, but didn’t want to buy just anything, instead wanted to make it. But poor Chaitanya is creatively challenged, hence I stepped in to help him with his project.

He wanted to make a collage for her with photographs that would narrate their love story. Hence, I made this collage for him with 16 photographs..

But he didn’t like it, as it was too cluttered, so I made this one with 11 photographs.

But according to him, I missed some of the important photographs, so I once again made this with 14 photographs.

And he finally loved this one and got it framed in a beautiful black wooden frame.

I experimented with different background colors and layouts for this collage, also played around with some coloring tools to add an extra personality to the piece.

According to him, she loved it too..


-May ART be with you.©

4 Apr 2012

Happy (Naughty) Easter...

I have been so bombarded (inspired) with Easter craft and projects made by my fellow crafters, that I couldn't help but make something based on Easter, but I didn't want to stick to the stereotypical cards/eggs(nothing wrong with them, each one is gorgeous in its own self, but I wanted to do something different), so I made this gift wrapping paper.

It is a Playboy bunny and Playmate themed vintage paper with 'Happy Easter' written on it. 
I used Playboy bunny instead of the Easter bunny and the Playmate is wearing bunny ears (which is my way of capturing Easter).

Closer look at the picture

I used this to paper to wrap my friend Chrissa's gift

I made a paper bag with a satin tie (I love using tie on a gift wrap)

I colour printed the design and pasted the ends horizontally. 

I then pasted the bottom, inserted the gift and folded the top and finally added the satin tie.

A closer look at the design

I hope my friend likes her wrapping as much as her gift..

-May ART be with you©

1 Apr 2012

Flying Fish…

This is my 1st craft mobile(quilled or otherwise)

For this project, I experimented with two contrasting colours - fluorescent green and dark orange.

 I crimped the orange strip and pasted it over the fluorescent one and then started to quill. 

The small fish is made of 2 tight coils (mouth and triangular body), the fins are quilled tears and the tail is made of 4 swirls(half loose coils) pasted on both side of the fish's body.

The big fish is made of 2 loose coils, the fins with rounded triangles and tail with 4 swirls of different lengths pasted on upper side of the body.

The 3rd piece isn't a fish(obviously you can see that), but i wanted to balance out my craft mobile(and I had run out of paper to quill another fish), hence I quilled a marquise(eye).
{the way I look at it is - its dad, mom and their egg.. ;-) }

Once all the 3 pieces were ready, I coated them with silver glitter.

Finally I made a loop in the golden ribbon and pasted the 3 pieces on it. AND we are DONE..

                                                                                                                             -May ART be with you©