15 Jul 2012

SHOW me the MONEY!!!!

I made my 1st money envelop for Rakshabandhan, which is on 2nd Aug (a Hindu festival for siblings, where sister ties a decorated thread called Rakhi on her brother's wrist, as a symbol of responsibility that she bestows on him to protect her and in return, he showers her with money/gifts/sweets,etc for this homour).
I made this for myself, to it give to my Mom, who will load it with cash and hand it to my younger brother to give it to me. (YES! :-D)

a still of Rakshabandhan
I started by cutting out the shape of the envelop on an orange chart paper. On the front of the envelop, I printed a peacock stencil and then hand cut it. 
On the inside of envelop, I pasted green and golden Chinese silk paper. Before pasting it inside, I spread golden glitter on the backside of the Chinese paper(the side peeping from the peacock).
I choose very Indian festive colors and as peacock is India's national bird and is associated with feminine beauty, it made sense to choose it, instead of any other stencil for the occasion.
And the envelop is ready to be loaded with LOT of CASH!!!

 -May ART be with you©

5 Jul 2012

PSP Gift Bag for SidB

For my 1st month-a-versary with my husband (then boyfriend) in Dec 2010, I didn't want to give him anything personal (watch, shirt, perfume,etc), as we were dating only for a month, so I decided to buy him PSP video games. 

But, as I love wrapping my gift in a special way, I couldn't just hand over the games in regular wrapping, so I created this gift bag for him.

I gave him 3 games - God of War (Ghost of Sparta), Dante's Inferno and Syphon Filter Logan's Shadow (I have no idea what they are about, but his best friend helped me pick them up). 
So I chose the pictures from the video game and made the below image to make the bag with.
I, then colour printed the image and folded it into a bag.  
For the handle, I chose blue, black and white satin ribbon and braided them into a string, punched holes in the bag and tied the string on the inside.

His reaction: He was clearly more intrigued by the games, than the gift bag!!! (Men will never change)
But I am still glad I made it, and I am posting this on his B'day today, to let him know that I appreciate the support he gives for my craft (even though he didn't pay attention to the bag then).

Blissful Birthday SidB.

Till next time crafters, May ART be with you.©