5 Apr 2012

forever in love...

My best friend Chaitanya wanted to gift his fiance something special on their 6 months anniversary, but didn’t want to buy just anything, instead wanted to make it. But poor Chaitanya is creatively challenged, hence I stepped in to help him with his project.

He wanted to make a collage for her with photographs that would narrate their love story. Hence, I made this collage for him with 16 photographs..

But he didn’t like it, as it was too cluttered, so I made this one with 11 photographs.

But according to him, I missed some of the important photographs, so I once again made this with 14 photographs.

And he finally loved this one and got it framed in a beautiful black wooden frame.

I experimented with different background colors and layouts for this collage, also played around with some coloring tools to add an extra personality to the piece.

According to him, she loved it too..


-May ART be with you.©

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