26 May 2012

Playmate is back!!!!

So after escaping the Playboy fever for more than a month, I have caught it again. (my last playboy themed art was on 13th April,12).
Mr.Hefner, PLEASE HELP!!!!

I was so intrigued by this photograph, that I couldn't help but make something of it.
So, I made a 3D Decoupage of it, as I love making 3D Decoupage, this is my 2nd one.
They are easy to make and bring inanimate things to life.
I used coloring tool to change the color of the original photograph to Duo tone and also added a small playboy bunny to the picture and then color printed it.
I hand cut the playboy bunnies (small yellow one and the large black one, which is the model's swim suit). I then pasted these hand cut bunnies on the photograph. 
Once both the pieces were dried, I pasted the entire photograph on a card board (you can see how bad I'm at pasting with creases on the photograph, this is cause of excess glue used).
After the card board image was dried, I pasted the blue hand-made paper frame that I made on the photograph.
Finally to hang it, I added a small inverted 'V' paper strip on the backside of the frame.


Self Rating - 6.75/10
Status - Happy with the idea, but execution could have been better.
Tip - use tape runner while working with thin paper for your craft to avoid creses being formed while pasting.

Am I a playboy fanatic??? 
Does this craft deserve a 6.75???
Let me know what you think

      -May ART be with you©

20 May 2012

Lin's Giveaway...

Lin Handmade Greeting Cards is giving away this awesome box of goodies to one lucky winner this month!!!!  

The box contains 3 different colours of handcut glitter foams hearts, 3 different colours of foam alphabets and numbers, some colourful ink pens for stamping, some colourful colour pencils, some sponge stickers, some handcut felt flowers, some foam stamps, colourful buttons, a small flower craft punch and last but not least some colourful Popsicle sticks for making bookmarks.

All you gotta do is either of these:

1. "LIKE" her Facebook Fan Page or "Follow" her blog 
2. Blog about this giveaway on your blog OR put the link of this giveaway on your Facebook profile.
3. Go back to this post and write your name and your URL link.

So, go ahead and spread the word. 


-May ART be with you.

13 May 2012

~~~ MY DOC-MOM ~~~

After making my mom a Mother's Day card (posted on 6th May, 12), I decided to make a Mother's Day card for my would-be mother-in-law.

As she is a doctor, I wanted to make something related to her profession and hence I came up with this.
I found the stethoscope image on the Internet and added the text on my own and created this image for the card. I color printed it on a 5x7in plain paper.
To add depth and texture to the card, I pasted the printed image on a red chart paper.
Once the red bordered image was ready, I cut out a handmade Chinese paper into an unfolded card shape that would fold into half and open vertically. I then pasted the red bordered image on the front of the card.
Finally I added white chart paper on the inside to write the message. The message reads - 'To, sweetest Aunty...You are no less than my mom to me... Lots of Love -Nishtha"

Apprehensively, I gave her the card today at dinner and she loved it... (PHEW!!!)


Self Rating: 9/10
Status: I and my Mom-in-law are happy.
Tip: Either print the message to be written inside the card or ask someone with good handwriting  to write it for you (I wrote it myself and as you can see, its not the most beautiful handwriting)

Let me know what you think of this professional themed card.

                                                                                                -May ART be with you©

P.S. - I gave my "MUMMY" themed card to my Mom and she loved it. So both my MOMs are happy. 

Happy Mother's Day.

6 May 2012


The inspiration for this card came from the homonym - 'MUMMY', which mean Mother and Egyptian mummified body.
So I wanted to combine the two, make a card for my MUMMY using something of Egyptian MUMMY theme.
So, I started by cutting out an image of a girl offering a bouquet to her mom on a cardboard and covered the mom and the girl in 3mm golden quilling strips (I tried to give the effect of the way Egyptian mummies are wrapped). The bouquet was wrapped in 3mm maroon and green strips.
I then pasted the three wrapped images on a black base, which was made by covering a border-shaped cut-out cardboard with 10mm black quilling strips (again trying to replicate the Mummy effect). 
Once the image was  pasted firmly, I added colour printed writing on the side on the image - "my mommy best" (again using different kind of font to give it Egyptian look)
I then pasted the entire black cut-out with images and writing onto a black and golden handmade paper, which I cut out in the shape of a card.
Finally, I added a yellow chart paper on the inside of the card, to write the message.
Cant wait to give it to her - my MOMMY!!!!

Self Rating: 8.75/10
Status: I am happy with it, I hope my Mom likes it too (this is my 1st hand made card for her) 
Tips: Definitely keep a wet hand towel with yourself or you'll get dried glue all over your project.

Let me know what you made for your MUMMY.

                                                                                                -May ART be with you©

5 May 2012

Under the Cowl

I love to wrap my gifts in unique, hand made and personalized wraps, hence when I gifted the comic book 'Batman Under the Cowl' to SID-B (a Batman fanatic), I wrapped it in this Batman themed wrapping.
I started by gathering and color printing batman related images. 
For the wings, I found this cloth wings image and cropped it in two. To get the wing's folds accurately, I added dotted lines on the cropped image using coloring tools.

I then covered the comic book with black chart paper till about 70% of the length and cut out all the images gathered. 

Finally I pasted all the cut out images - the Batman logo on the front of the black cover, the mask on the inside and the folded wings on the back of the cover.

My DARK KNIGHT is ready to save the GOTHAM CITY!!!!


Self Rating - 9/10
Status - ELATED

Try a unique wrap yourself and share it with me.

                                                                                                -May ART be with you©