27 Mar 2012

Its all about being safe ;-)

As I have learnt IRIS and quilling, I wanted to combine the two and make a card (I am so inspired by beautiful cards made my fellow crafters). I love funny and quirky cards and that's what I wanted to make.

In an endeavor do to so, I came up with this card idea. 

Its made of quilled sperms yelling 'ATTACK!" and raging towards IRIS condom who is protecting against 'INTRUDERS!' (I'll tell you, what occasion is the card for, later)

The sperms are made of 3mm white and grey quilling strips. I glued them together and then quilled half of the strips and curled the remaining half.

The IRIS condom is made of dark and light pink metallic paper to give it realistic look. {striped condom ;-) }

The card opens and reads: Dear Andy, In life you'll be faced with many outside intruders, I wish you protection from internal ones (at least).. Wish you and Cindy, a very happy and stress free married life..Lots of Love, Dan.

YES, its a card wishing well for married life. 

-May ART be with you©

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