4 Mar 2012

Is honesty REALLY the best policy?

Me: "Mam, I have 5 days of Sick Leave pending, I hope it’s alright with you, if I utilise them for my cousins wedding in the coming month?"
Boss: "No! How can you make such a request? It’s completely unethical and Mr.Zender doesn't appreciate it."
Me: "But Mam, I know of employees who have done this in the past, otherwise Sick Leaves get lapsed."
Boss: "I can't talk for others, but I and my team will not do this."
Me: "OK Mam, I will take Privilege Leave.
Boss: “Good”
Me: “Oh it almost slipped my mind, Dr.Relin’s assistant Suzie who assisted you with your medical certificate last month BTW is my niece.”
-dedicated to All Supervisors


Assistant: "Sir,what do you think?"
CEO: "He is good and very well versed with his subject."
Assistant: "Yet you don't seem satisfied!"
CEO:  "He doesn't fit in the company's culture."
Assistant: "What makes you say that Sir?"
CEO:"He is too aggressive and sounded desperate. Also jumped to discussing compensation at the first opportunity he got.”
Assistant: "He is very keen on moving and taking on additional responsibilities. As far as compensation is concerned, it has to come up in discussion today or tomorrow."
CEO: "Yes, but we are looking for more diplomatic people, this attitude won’t fly"
Assistant: "Alright sir! I will convey the same to my husband and thanks so much for your time."
CEO: "Don't take it the wrong way Nicole"
Assistant: "Not at all Sir. It was me who asked him to be 100% upfront and honest with you, as you keep repeating 'honesty is the best policy' ."
CEO: "Yes Nicole, it still is. But with little bit of common sense."
-dedicate to an Ex-Colleague.

-May ART be with you©

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