9 Mar 2012

Oh so tiny...

This is my first 3D quilling project..

Its less than an inch in height and diameter.

It has 7 flowers & 6 leaves of varied type:
-2 pink carnations
-1 pink rose
-2 yellow bell flowers
-1 yellow big flower(its my imagination, not a real flower)
-6 green leaves with different swirls

The flowers are mounted on brown rubber coated copper wire(available in hardware stores).
I first stuck the leaves on the inner wall of the pot and then I placed the flowers between the leaves. Finally the finished pot with flowers and leaves was stuck on the base.

 I thoroughly enjoyed making this, my love affair with Quilling has begun!!!

                                                                 -May ART be with you©


  1. I love this little project. I have been dying to give 3D quilling a go and after seeing this I may just give it a try :) I am about to become a follower....

  2. Hey Cliona,

    Thanks so much for your kind words and for being my 1st follower. Its really encouraging, especially when I am only 19 posts old...and you are in every way my Senior in the Art of Craft with 78 unique craft projects...

    It would be my loss, if I dont follow your blog, so count me in as a follower...

    Keep in touch...