10 Mar 2012

'Oh so tiny' got a LEG!

I made this stand after I had made the flower pot(shown in my post dated 9th March 2012), hence the delayed post about it..

Its around 1.5 inches in height made in  3 shades of yellow - light, lemon and mustard. 
3 sizes of tight coil (small,smaller and smallest) and a tube.

The base is a tight coil in lemon yellow in small size, followed by light yellow smallest tight coil and then light yellow tight coil in smaller size. In the centre is the mustard yellow tube.

Once all the pieces of the stand were assembled and dried, I pasted the flower pot on it.

-May ART be with you©


  1. Very cute! love the stand.

  2. OMG Helen, it is such a honor to receive a comment from you...I am a huge fan of your work...Thank you for inspiring me and I agree "Lets Create"