20 Mar 2012


I enjoy wrapping my gifts more than buying them.. {wrapping isn't as expensive as gifting  ;-) }

Hence, for my best friend's b'day, I made this personalised paper design with his name and his age..

I colour printed the design on a glossy paper and wrapped his gift in it...

But I wasn't done yet, I was craving to do more, so I made this paper design (without personalisation)

And made a bag of it to give his gift in...

But I still wasn't done...(I am forever greedy to make more) so I designed these personalised papers..

But as I only had 1 gift for him, I didn't use these...

This designing process triggered an avalanche of paper designs in my mind, which I will share with you in my future post..

Till then Happy Gifting (and Wrapping)

-May ART be with you©

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