26 May 2012

Playmate is back!!!!

So after escaping the Playboy fever for more than a month, I have caught it again. (my last playboy themed art was on 13th April,12).
Mr.Hefner, PLEASE HELP!!!!

I was so intrigued by this photograph, that I couldn't help but make something of it.
So, I made a 3D Decoupage of it, as I love making 3D Decoupage, this is my 2nd one.
They are easy to make and bring inanimate things to life.
I used coloring tool to change the color of the original photograph to Duo tone and also added a small playboy bunny to the picture and then color printed it.
I hand cut the playboy bunnies (small yellow one and the large black one, which is the model's swim suit). I then pasted these hand cut bunnies on the photograph. 
Once both the pieces were dried, I pasted the entire photograph on a card board (you can see how bad I'm at pasting with creases on the photograph, this is cause of excess glue used).
After the card board image was dried, I pasted the blue hand-made paper frame that I made on the photograph.
Finally to hang it, I added a small inverted 'V' paper strip on the backside of the frame.


Self Rating - 6.75/10
Status - Happy with the idea, but execution could have been better.
Tip - use tape runner while working with thin paper for your craft to avoid creses being formed while pasting.

Am I a playboy fanatic??? 
Does this craft deserve a 6.75???
Let me know what you think

      -May ART be with you©


  1. This is pretty cool! Never noticed the bunny till you made it dimensional! :)

    P/s: You can use an old credit card to soothe out the glue creases before the glue dries.

    1. Hey,

      Thanks so glad you liked it...

      also thanks for the handy tip...i'll keep it mind for my next project...

      P.S. - instead of replying to you, i commented my reply on my own blog...silly me... :-)