6 May 2012


The inspiration for this card came from the homonym - 'MUMMY', which mean Mother and Egyptian mummified body.
So I wanted to combine the two, make a card for my MUMMY using something of Egyptian MUMMY theme.
So, I started by cutting out an image of a girl offering a bouquet to her mom on a cardboard and covered the mom and the girl in 3mm golden quilling strips (I tried to give the effect of the way Egyptian mummies are wrapped). The bouquet was wrapped in 3mm maroon and green strips.
I then pasted the three wrapped images on a black base, which was made by covering a border-shaped cut-out cardboard with 10mm black quilling strips (again trying to replicate the Mummy effect). 
Once the image was  pasted firmly, I added colour printed writing on the side on the image - "my mommy best" (again using different kind of font to give it Egyptian look)
I then pasted the entire black cut-out with images and writing onto a black and golden handmade paper, which I cut out in the shape of a card.
Finally, I added a yellow chart paper on the inside of the card, to write the message.
Cant wait to give it to her - my MOMMY!!!!

Self Rating: 8.75/10
Status: I am happy with it, I hope my Mom likes it too (this is my 1st hand made card for her) 
Tips: Definitely keep a wet hand towel with yourself or you'll get dried glue all over your project.

Let me know what you made for your MUMMY.

                                                                                                -May ART be with you©


  1. I love the texture of the card and how unique it looks.

    I wasn't too crafty this year for Mother's Day and just bought cards. But, usually I make something. There's always next year.

  2. Hey,

    Thanks so much...

    I agree, there's always next year. But don't forget there's father's day in June,12; so you can cover up then....

    Keep in touch....

  3. I am sure the photographs don't do justice to your wrapping of the images with quilling strips. This is such a clever idea.

  4. Hey Suganthi,

    Im so glad you liked my idea...

    I truly appreciate you stopping by and taking time to comment...

    Keep in touch..