5 May 2012

Under the Cowl

I love to wrap my gifts in unique, hand made and personalized wraps, hence when I gifted the comic book 'Batman Under the Cowl' to SID-B (a Batman fanatic), I wrapped it in this Batman themed wrapping.
I started by gathering and color printing batman related images. 
For the wings, I found this cloth wings image and cropped it in two. To get the wing's folds accurately, I added dotted lines on the cropped image using coloring tools.

I then covered the comic book with black chart paper till about 70% of the length and cut out all the images gathered. 

Finally I pasted all the cut out images - the Batman logo on the front of the black cover, the mask on the inside and the folded wings on the back of the cover.

My DARK KNIGHT is ready to save the GOTHAM CITY!!!!


Self Rating - 9/10
Status - ELATED

Try a unique wrap yourself and share it with me.

                                                                                                -May ART be with you©

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