11 Jun 2012


Yesterday was my best friend's theme b'day party, the theme was "funky head and eye wear". 
The minute I heard about the theme, I was reminded of Inna's quilled owl mask that she made for her daughters, and how inspired I was to make something on my own to wear to a party.

The idea stemmed from my love for Scotch and that I consider myself KING (yes, not queen). So, I combined the two and made these Paper Whisky Crowns for myself (pink) and my husband (green).

I started by picking up images of some of my favorite Scotch, a Whisky glass(with the rocks!) and to add ZING to the crown, I added a silhouette of a pole dancer.
Here are the crowns laid flat.

I grouped all the images together and used coloring tools to give them green and pink tint.
Here is the image I made before adding the tint.

Now comes the printing part, if I had printed the image without any image on the back, the backside would have been white and would have spoilt the look, so I inverted the image and pasted it below the original one. Take a look at the picture below to understand what I did
Once the images was ready, I color printed the them (2 copies of each) and hand cut the extra black and white part of the paper.
I managed to take one picture of the process of cutting, here it is. You can see that, I have only cut the top of the images till the next one starts and not gone all the way down.
Once the images were cut, I folded the below image (image with inverted Scotch names) and pasted it behind the main image (the one with actual names). 

As mentioned earlier, I took 2 copies of each image, so now to make one long single piece, I pasted them together and punched a hole on either sides and added a woolen black string, to use it to tie the crowns.

Take a look at some close ups 

Finally, the whole deal paid off, as I got the biggest compliment ever! My friends didn't believe that I made these crowns. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!!

That's us at the party with our PAPER WHISKY CROWNS!!!

Self Rating - 9/10
Status - Overjoyed by the response received from my friends and my husband.

As, Im so happy with the outcome, I am sharing the image with you'll (without the watermark). So feel free to download it, color it as per your choice and flaunt your crowns!!!!  Let me know if you need any help making it.

I would love to see pictures of you'll wearing the crowns, so please share them with me. You may mail them on or leave them as links in comments to this post.

Also feel free to share any other crown ideas that you may have.

Till next time, PARTY HARD!!!! 

      -May ART be with you©

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