29 Feb 2012

Wake or No Brake…

Abhilash: Man what the hell are you doing?

Dr.Bhalla: I am taking pictures for Insurance, BTW are you alright? 

Abhilash: YES I am FINE! Please get away from my car and stop clicking pictures.

Dr.Bhalla: But I’ll need these for insurance claim.

Abhilash: Fuck your insurance dude. Have the decency to talk and explain yourself first.

Dr.Bhalla: Well I couldn’t hit the brakes in time.

Abhilash: How could you miss seeing my car, I was right in front of you. But you have been 
coming down the slope on high speed almost directly at me, it seemed like you didn’t even try to slow down.

Dr.Bhalla: Actually I couldn’t move my leg.

Abhilash: HUH! And why is that?

Dr.Bhalla: My leg fell off to sleep, so I couldn’t move it, hence I directly hit you from behind, as that was the only way to stop my car.

Abhilash: Man! This has to be the most expensive way to wake your leg up.

-May ART be with you©

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