4 Jan 2012


I made these for the "B" family women to give them sarees in.

I used Jamawaar cloth in 3 colors - black, pink and white with gold as the under tone (as the women were in the age bracket of 77-22 years)

I folded a rectangular piece in half and pasted it with fabric glue, only the bottom is stitched to give extra support to the saree inside. 

I ensured that the border of the cloth is at bottom, to give it a complete look.


Once done with it, I punched 2 holes for the handle. Each handle is chosen to match with the bag and is tied on the inside.

I checked every bag,by lifting it with the saree in it, to make sure the bottom doesn't break or the punched holes don't tear.

The pinks ones were given to younger women, the black for middle aged and white ones were for super senior women.

-May ART be with you©

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